Giving money meaning

A forerunner in sustainable finance for more than 25 years, Fondaction brings together individuals and companies that are mobilizing for the positive transformation of society, taking action to make Québec’s economy more equitable, inclusive, green and successful.

Since its creation in 1996, Fondaction has been based on the belief that it is not only possible to do things differently in the financial and business world, it is a necessity.

As a labour-sponsored fund, Fondaction represents tens of thousands of savers and hundreds of companies committed to helping Québec progress. It manages a total of $3.77 billion in net assets invested in several hundred companies and in financial markets, prioritizing investments that generate positive economic, social and environmental impacts in addition to a financial return. Fondaction helps create and maintain quality jobs, reduce inequalities and fight climate change.

46 000 jobs created or maintained

For 2021-2022

221 512 shareholders

As at May 31, 2024

$3.77 billion in assets

As at May 31, 2024

Savings activity

Fondaction helps Québec workers save for their retirement while contributing to the positive transformation of the economy. These savers are Fondaction’s shareholders. As at May 31, 2024, Fondaction had more than 221,512 shareholders from all over Québec, a historic high.

Accessible and beneficial retirement savings

Unionized or not, anyone can contribute to Fondaction and take advantage of the same benefits. Fondaction’s shareholders enjoy exclusive tax credits amounting to 30%* of their investment (15% provincial, 15% federal), in addition to the tax advantages of an RRSP. Fondaction provides retirement savings in the form of shares. Several contribution methods are available, systematic savings by payroll deduction being the most commonly chosen by contributors. Generally, savers choose to transfer their shares into an RRSP. Non-registered accounts and spousal RRSPs are also available

* A maximum of $5,000 in subscribed shares may be taken into account per taxation year, subject to eligibility. Check your eligibility below:

What are the main eligibility criteria for income tax credits?

Eligibility criteria for tax credits are set out in the tax laws of Quebec and Canada 1.

ResidenceTo reside in Quebec
AgeBe under 65 years of age on December 31st of that year
AmountThe first $5,000 subscribed annually, for all labour-sponsored funds, may qualify for tax credits.
Minimum incomeCredits reduce the income tax to be paid, so you must have tax to pay.
If you receive retirement income, you must also have employment or business income of more than $3,500.
Retirement or early retirementNot having redeemed shares in a labour-sponsored fund for retirement or early retirement purposes
DisabilityNot having redeemed shares in a labour-sponsored fund due to severe and prolonged disability
Redemption within 60 daysIf the right to redeem shares is exercised within 60 days of their subscription, the tax credits relating to the shares subscribed will be lost.

For spousal RRSPs, certain eligibility criteria apply to the situation of the beneficiary spouse.

1The above table provides a summary of certain eligibility criteria and does not constitute tax or legal advice. The tax effects may vary depending on your situation. It is your responsibility to check whether or not you are eligible for tax credits.
See the prospectus for more information.

Investment activity

Fondaction invests in more than 1,000 Quebec companies supported directly or through partner or specialist funds. It mobilizes capital, expertise and creativity to support Québec SMEs in achieving their sustainable growth projects.

Investment committee

In 2021, Fondaction formed a new investment committee within its Board of Directors. Its mandate is to either authorize or recommend to the Board of Directors, as the case may be, investment projects according to financial, sustainability and impact criteria. It aims to make choices of great societal importance to transform our economy in a positive way

An Impact investment team

Since november 2020, Fondaction became the first institutional investor to create a team entirely dedicated to impact investment in Quebec.

Four investment themes

While it devotes itself to the entire economy, Fondaction particularly invests in four investment themes to stimulate the positive transformation of Québec’s economy :

  • Biodiversity conservation and the fight against climate change
  • The sustainable agri-food industry
  • Sustainable towns and communities
  • Health and well-being